Teach your baby/ toddler how to read

in less than 5 minutes a day

Introducing TINY READERS



Based on the global method this app will teach your baby to read

In more than 50 years since Glenn Doman wrote his powerful book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, millions of parents were introduced to the global method and their babies have been started on a pathway to brightness and intellectual excellence as a result.

When you teach your children to read early it not only begins a life-long love of reading but it also promotes a big leap on their development.

Children have tremendous potential and ability; and YES, they can learn to read at a very early age.

Teaching a baby or a toddler how to read will grow their visual and auditory pathways of the brain, because the brain grows by use.

Tinyreaders is an app that will help you grow your children capabilities without the effort to make thousands of flashcards.


TINYREADERS is a powerful app that will teach your baby or your toddler how to read. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet or mirror it to your TV to make the letters more visible to your child. With an easy to use interface, you will achieve your baby's potential. He or she will have a bright future!

No Time-Wasting

Abolish the need to produce the material. The focus is on teaching your baby how to read.

Easy to Use

The app was designed for every mom and dad who wants to teach their baby how to read early..

Free App

The app is free, available for everyone who wants to teach precocious reading to their children, including those who have less economic power, instead of aiming it at a few privileged people

Will help you to be consistent

Consistency is the KEY to teach your baby how to read. The app will remind you to show the words to your baby in a predetermined time.

A World Of Infinite Opportunities to Your Children

Beginning early can make a huge impact in the future of your children. Do you want them to succeed? I bet you do!

In order to succeed,

your desire for success

should be greater than

your fear of failure.

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